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Introducing “Weldtex” also known as combed or striated plywood a unique vintage pattern produced originally from the late 1940’s - 60’s.  Used in interiors, accent walls, cabinets, door fronts, furniture, exterior siding, and wainscoting.

Available in 3/8" thick panels in Monterry Pine only

  • 15 7/8" x 96" - $38.75 a sheet (plus tax if applicable)
  • 23" 7/8" x 96" - $48.75 a sheet (plus tax if applicable)
Though we do not produce a 48" wide panel, due to the unique Weldtex, or combed pattern, when  two long edges are joined together the joint appears to be seamless.
For a great article from Retro Renovation on our Weldtex/Combed plywood product and to read comments about it go HERE.

Video Presentation of our Weldtex reproduction and project ideas.

Call or email for a free sample:          415-328-0520
All panels are available in Monterrey Pine Plywood only. The samples shown below are narrow hardwoods used for trim. We do not provide hardwood plywood variations of Weldtex because the face veneer is too thin.
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Walnut, Maple, Mahogany & Redwood below
are solid lumber only, no plywood panels available.

Weldtex Plywood Panel

Walnut           Maple           Mahogany

T&G Redwood

Monterrey Pine Plywood